This Saab Turbo-Powered Euro Hot Rod Can Drift Like Hell

Hi there you lovely American hot rodders! Meet this 1953 Ford Anglia/Saab Turbo drift machine from England. Apparently, it’s got too much grip, and that’s an issue.

Cruising around the countryside on tight British roads is lots of fun driving a powerful hot rod based on a junkyard Ford, but hitting the track with it takes the build to whole new level.

What can I say? This is fantastic, and I sort of wish for cars like this to make it to Goodwood eventually. They must.


In the meantime, all hail to this wonderful Saab Anglia and Carfection for bring it to our attention.

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Margin Of Error

Another proper gearhead video with a emotional guy with a welding helmet. And sparks.

Do they all hire the same video editing guy ?