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Russia has a problem, and that problem is snow. Specifically, Russia has a lot of snow. Lots. Lots and lots and lots. So when you have a lot of snow, you do the only logical thing – you build a 6 x 6 monstrosity with tires so big and supple they have the side benefit of being able to completely run over a dude.


Oh, and the dude remains completely unscathed. Don't forget that part. That's an important part.

The catchily-named TREKOL-39294 uses special low-pressure tubeless tires, which not only enables its victims to feel like they've been run over with a big pillow, but also allow the vehicle to float on water, float on snow, float on grass, and really just float over everything.

As I've been wondering lately how to completely crush my enemies without the responsibility of long-term damage, the TREKOL-39294 is clearly the solution to all of my problems. Or maybe just its tires are.

Will be putting this on every single vehicle I see shortly.

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