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This Rover-Lotus BiTurbo V8 Is The Ultimate Franken-Engine

Illustration for article titled This Rover-Lotus BiTurbo V8 Is The Ultimate Franken-Engine

Building a GT3-spec road legal race car based on a 1966 MGB GT is one thing. Powering it with a twin-turbo Lotus V8 Lotus themselves wasn’t ballsy enough to make in the eighties is the decision suggesting that you should seek mental help.


Seven years. That’s how long it took to figure out how a cast Rover block can accommodate two high-performance Lotus heads with different bolt patterns. I guess when you decide to use a rusty British classic as a base of your GT3 car, you might as well go full loco in the engine compartment, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

Sure, it’s a testbed. Once the team is done developing it, the plan is to make the kit commercially available so others could turn their Rover V8s into something way more powerful. But we must all salute Jason Shalders for doing this:


Photo credit: Jonathan Moore/Speedhunters

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Charlie B. Sharenative

The answer to “why is the turbo way the hell out here?” is probably “that’s the only place it would fit”.