You know what seems to improve every single movie trailer ever created? That's right! Lego bricks! And when you completely re-do the trailer for RUSH in stop-motion and Lego bricks, the end result is hilarious.

Alright, so we may be accused of putting up too many RUSH trailers, but it looks to be an awesome movie about Formula One, and this Lego one looks like it could almost be a preview for a special Blu-Ray bonus Easter Egg. Either way, it's a great homage to the film. The party scenes are especially great.


And just in case you missed it or forgot it somehow which would be totally weird, you can see RUSH for the first time next month at the Jalopnik Film Festival.

Matt hasn't said yet whether or not Lego bricks will be provided, but a person claiming to be an adult suffering from arrested development can dream, right?


H/t to Jonathon!

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