This Ridiculous Bike Could Set The Human Powered Speed Record

Graeme Obree's nickname is the Flying Scotsman. He's a world champion bicyclist and he even had a film made about him. Now he's going for the human powered speed record with this. It's called Beastie and yes, this is a bicycle.

Humans Invent spoke to Obree about his outrageous bike. The bike looks like no other bike you've seen before. Obree sits two and a half feet off the ground. He is totally encased in a kevlar and fiberglass bike. He can't really see out of it. He can't start it without a push.


There is a vibration that goes to his head while riding it. Overall, it sounds like an awful experience.

But it's fast. Obree shook down the bike last week and reached 50 MPH on a runway. His goal is to beat the human powered world record, which is 83 MPH and a lot faster than any of us thought. He still has some modifications to make to the bike, like making it easier for him to see.

He'll attempt to set the world record in Nevada this September.

Photo Credits: Humans Invent

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