This Rental Lamborghini Burst Into A Giant Fireball After Crashing In The Rain

Yesterday, on a rainy day in Canada, someone in an orange Lamborghini Gallardo crashed and caused the car’s entire fuel supply to undergo an exothermic combustion reaction, CTV News Vancouver reports. The pictures and video of the wreckage show a car that appears to have melted and become one with the asphalt.

Instagram and Twitter photos of the wreckage suggest that the Lambo may have been rented from a company called Scenic Rush, a group that lends out exotic cars in the Vancouver area.


Based on the pictures, weather was a likely a factor—which makes sense, because inexperienced drivers in supercars is bad, but inexperienced drivers in supercars in the rain is even worse.

Either way, we just hope the person behind the wheel is OK.

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