This Prius Executed A Stunning Display Of Parking Asshattery

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We love to rag on owners of BMWs or exotics for their asshat parking jobs, but it's easy to forget that asshats come in all shapes, sizes, and cars.


Take this Prius owner out in California, for example, who saw fit to park in a no-parking zone between not one but TWO handicapped spaces. And of course, it's in front of a yoga studio. How fitting.

Hey, it's understandable. Sometimes the need to do a few downward-facing dogs trumps common sense and common decency.


Hat tip to Galen!

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Again I have to say, nothing else stirs the ire of Jalops more, than a badly parked car. Well almost nothing... What causes more argument and discussion on Jalopnik is the highly contentious issue of what to do with a badly parked car. (Patrick, you should expand on this).

I personally am not above a bit light vandalism. But others here truly believe that we are not to touch another man's ride, no matter what (for which, I call bullshit).

In the case of this Prius. I think it should be burnt to the ground. But that's more because it's a Prius.