Photo: Ford Motor Company

This positively porcine first-generation Ford Transit looks a lot like the Volvo 164 that was on sale at the same time. At least it does to me. .Fine looking van in any case.

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.


I feel like I’m in a safe space so I’ll come out and say it... I like vans. Big ones, little ones, weird ones. I took a class trip to the UK in high school (‘97) and kinda fell in love with the Ford Transit. It was my first trip across the pond (it sounds pretentious even when written) and I couldn’t stop checking out all the vehicles we didn’t get here in Freedomstan.

We went to Dulles airport in a typical E250 Supper Shuttle (like this one).

When we landed at Heathrow we were loaded into a Ford Transit High Roof kinda like this one. (this is a ‘04).

I couldn’t believe the same damn company built both vehicles. I then spent the next two weeks trying to figure out why we in America couldn’t get the ‘cool’ cars. I also picked up my first copies of Auto Express and EVO on that trip. Before Super Shuttle shut down I did notice they were using the latest Ford Transit which brought it full circle for me.

Whew, I feel better now.