This Pontiac Sunbird Smeared Shame On Mall-Crawling Jeeps Everywhere

Gif: sway940 (YouTube)

Oh, you hopped the curb and parked your too-pristine Wrangler up on a boulder? Let this Pontiac Sunbird show you how it’s really done.

What this Sunbird lacks in suspension travel, it totally makes up for in driver insanity and resourcefulness. While the ramp certainly makes it easier to lift one corner of the car way up high, the angle he drives the car up to is delightfully ridiculous.


Anyone can flex a lifted truck that stays nice and relatively flat with one wheel popped up on one of Central Market’s ornamental shrubs. They’re designed for that. Nobody’s really impressed by those bro-tastic parking jobs, although I will admit that I appreciate the gesture if you jumped the curb to give neighboring parking spots more room.

Flexing a Pontiac Sunbird nearly onto its side without tipping over, though? That’s commitment.

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