This Pontiac-Based Lamborghini Aventador Replica Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

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We always knew people would start making replicas of Lamborghini's newest supercar, but we didn't expect it to be this horrifying. And it's for sale!

This ‘Aventador' comes from Z and M Customs, located in Eagle, Idaho (the legendary home of exotic cars). We know them from their last replica, a painfully bad Stingray. This Lambo has scissor doors, a rearview camera, a custom leather interior and… an engine in the front?


In the eBay Motors listing, the seller claims the car is built on "a full GM, Holden chassis" and that it "is not an 80's Fiero replica…NOT A FIERO," like most fake Lambos.

We know the replica has a 400 horsepower LS1 V8 and a six-speed manual. The only car sold in the US that could have been used as a base is the Pontiac GTO, which was sold in Australia as the Holden Monaro.


Of course, that would make this Lambo front-engined. The engine cover in the back? It's almost certainly fake.


The car is up to $45,000. You've got two days left if you want to buy this replica and go cruising. Or you could rescue the GTO underneath and return it to stock, but that would be no fun.

At least it does donuts.

Photo Credit: Z and M Customs/eBay

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This would originally be a 2004 GTO in Impulse Blue metallic, just like the car I drive... I'll be leaving some elevenses on the way home from work as a sign of respect for the departed.