This Corvette Stingray Concept Replica on eBay makes every horrible thing Michael Bay did with the car's Transformers character "Sideswipe" seem thought out and reasonable. It's so bad, other Corvettes look away. Unbelievably, bidding's currently up to $38,000.

This custom monstrosity is a cacophony of crap. A bad idea compounded by questionable taste and executed with nothing less than malicious intent. This C6-generation Corvette-based Stingray concept is wrong in so many ways it makes us wonder if it was part of some elaborate plot to end automotive enthusiasm. The horribleness of the car wouldn't be so bad if there weren't 19 bids on this one-off train wreck, driving the price up to a face-palmable $38,150. Oh! The humanity!

The only solace is there's a perfectly good LS3-powered 2008 Corvette under there, and with some replacement body pieces it should be salvageable. (Thanks for the tip dezcori!)

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