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Starting this summer, Lego Technic will be selling the Mercedes Arocs 3245 construction truck as a buildable model. A beautiful, complex, technically advanced model. In fact from here looks better-engineered than the last three real trucks I’ve actually owned.


The Lego Technic Arocs is a foot high, five inches wide, and 21 inches long. It’s made of 2,793 elements, features “Power Functions.” There’s also an air-hose activated crane running Lego’s “Pneumatics 2.0” system, which appears to actually have a cute little compressor to raise and lower the lifting arm.

The blog TechnicBRICKs seems to think this Arocs truck has a new suspension system over whatever was in previous Lego Mercedes trucks (there have been several) but it’s a far cry from the brick-square plus two wheels plus a mismatched set of yellow brickmen I used to make my Lego trucks out of twenty years ago.

Images via Lego, Mercedes-Benz

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