This Perverse Idea For A Bugatti SUV Looks Way Too Good

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This Bugatti Megalodon SUV is from an artist’s imagination, not an actual Bugatti product planner, but I have to say this thing doesn’t look half bad. Even if there’s no way to get into the back seat.


Render artist Jan Peisert sent this over last week, and I got excited about it mostly because “Megalodon” (an enormous prehistoric shark) is a great name for a vehicle. The design’s cool too though!


As astute observers will be able to tell, the drawing is basically bits of a Bugatti Chiron stapled on to a Bentley Bentayga, which is then virtually chopped with the magic of Photoshop.

A few years ago everybody would have laughed off the idea of a Bugatti built like “light truck,” but Bentley has already taken the plunge and Lamborghini is allegedly not far behind. Almost makes a Bugatti SUV feel like more of an inevitability than a wild fantasy!

Kidding, I don’t think Bugatti is going to bother expanding their lineup to including anything approaching “practical.” That would be most impecunious, indeed.

Until then, a hat tip to Peisert Design for their creativity!

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Any Bugatti SUV should be based on the Royale.