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This colossally smokey burnout looks like a bad bout of road rage. For the first few seconds. Then the little yellow truck proceeds to roast its rear tires, using another car as a brake, until onlookers actually break the window and wake the driver up.

It seems as though the driver of the yellow Chevy Colorado (or is that a GMC Canyon?) lost consciousness with their weight on the gas pedal and the truck in gear, causing it to turn its tires into a smokescreen covering the entire road.

Some cursory research has not yielded any details on what’s actually happening here, except thatFord C-Max has one hell of a parking brake.

Whether or not the person in the truck really did pass out, or why, or if they just really wanted to assert their dominance over that little maroon compact car, remains unclear. But hopefully they got the medical attention they presumably needed. I’ll just say I like their bold work truck color choice.

Hat tip to Brian!