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Ever run out to your car just in time to watch a tow truck haul it off for all those tickets you didn't bother paying? Happened to this guy, but he wasn't about to bend over and let The Man force parking rules upon him. Not on this day.

According to The Daily Mail this dude would rather risk obliterating the suspension, frame, and pretty much every other critical component of his Vauxhall Astra in the name of not paying the fine for getting your car impounded in Walthamstow, East London.

Apparently the video was shot by a Waltham Forest Council parking enforcer, who had to be at least a little impressed. The car more or less survived the bludgeoning and "escaped" off camera... I can definetly hear something scraping in that last second, but at least he gave it enough gas to clear the truck. Mostly. How far do you think he got?

My first thought was that this guy obviously caused way more dollars in damage than that impound fine could have possibly been. But then again, if he's nutty enough to blast off a flatbed who knows what kind of shenanigans his car is wanted for.