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It's not the headliner of Sea World's new "Is Paris Burning?" spectacular. No, this Hydromatic tranny is GM's new 6L50, the latest in the company's line of six-speed autoboxes that'll permeate the General's line in coming years. According to the company, by 2010, it'll introduce 10 new six-speed variants for front-, rear- and all-wheel drive models — to the tune of three million six-speeds annually. The new box, which will show up in 2007 Cadillac STS rear-drive and all-wheel-drive performance sedans and the V8 powered SRX, has a tall short first gear to enhance acceleration and two overdrives to maximize fuel economy, and, like the 6L80 box found in the Cadillac XLR-V, STS-V and Chevrolet Corvette, allows for manual up- and downshifts. A sequined bathing cap, however, is wholly unnecessary.


GM Introduces Six-Speed Automatic; I Am Indy: Paddle Me, Austin! [internal]

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