This Onboard Of A Rally Car Crashing Into A Lake Is Utterly Terrifying

Crashing is bad enough. Rolling down a hill into a lake is probably the worst case scenario, ever. Here's the onboard footage from the crash where driver Ott Tänak and codriver Raigo Mōldar plowed nose-forward off the track and rolled into a reservoir during the World Rally Championship's Rally Mexico.


The Ford Fiesta understeered around a bend that followed a hill on the stage at just the wrong moment. Unbelievably, WRC lost contact with the crew for 17 minutes after the crash.

Tänak has a lucky duck around his handbrake. Unfortunately, that duck was not so lucky and went down with the car.

However, Tänak's M-Sport team was able to fish the car out of the water. According to Axis of Oversteer, they thrashed on the car overnight to get it ready for the next day's stages. It still had some electrical gremlins from being submerged, however, the car wasn't forced to retire for them.

Duck, you're safe. Just don't try to return to the water again.

[H/T Eric Rood]


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