This Old Lady Slows Traffic With A Sex Doll

Sick of speeders blasting through the intersection in front of her new house, an elderly lady in China came up with an inventive fix for the problem. The police, apparently, weren't much help, so she took care of it with a sex doll and some string.

She strapped the thing to a tree in an intersection so that people would slow down while rubbernecking. Where the hell she got the sex doll (and how hilarious the transaction at the sex shop counter must have been) is immaterial. It's the motivation that we applaud here.


Her scheme probably works ok for most heterosexual male drivers, but what about everyone else? For maximum effect, the doll, for starters, should be naked. Then granny could experiment with various stick/strap-on accessories for added attention grabbing capability. (Hat tip to Baber K. Khan!)

Photo credit: Tiexue

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