Just a couple French sport compacts whippin’ ‘round the ‘Ring. Traffic ahead is scrubbing speed and putting on flashers coming up on a corner. “Should we slow down or just scream around these pansies like– UH OH.”

I understand one generally does not simply “stop” on the Nürburgring, even if there’s been an incident and you might want to render assistance.


I’ve also been told there are what’s known as “blind corners” on which you might be forgiven for coming into a situation a little too hot.

To me looks a little like we’ve got two pilots with more horsepower than brains trying to out-asshole each other by blazing into a blind corner, but I guess it could just as easily be case of coming in too hot, then trying anything to avoid crashing.

Either way it’s a little miraculous that all these cars managed to avoid piling up into the parking lot of wreckage and famous Frank Habitz van, which seems to have pulled over to help the crashers.


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