Between its trick all-wheel-drive systems and need to stay at the forefront of go-fast technology, I've always wondered why more people don't take the Nissan GT-R rallying. This video has me wondering even more. Clearly, this is the rowdy, drifty Skyline GT-R rally beast that the universe deserves.


Admittedly, the latest R35 GT-Rs may be a bit too low for traversing paths of mud and rock, but this R32 certainly seems to do the trick.

I have to admit it: seeing an R32 outside of its usual habitat (...parked in a Speedhunters feature) with dirt all over and a set of tailpipes that look like they've hit the ground at least once or twice gives me all of the warm fuzzies. Yes, all of them.


Shut off all the other noisemakers in the house. Hold off on fireworks for a second. Just listen to that twin-turbo inline six.

If angels pooted, they'd sound like inline sixes. The I6 is just lovely.

Big clouds of dust. Loud RB26DETT. Lots of sideways. This, ladies and germs, is the ultimate GT-R.

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