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Screenshot: Roni Azgad (Vimeo)

A wall display slash Sixt car rental ad in Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport is (or at least was) a “real-time” playback of real cars being positioned and repositioned into the shapes of numbers to make a “working” clock. It’s actually kind of amazing to watch.

This mildly interesting oddity popped up on Reddit last year and YouTube around the same time. There are a few clips floating around of what the clock actually physically looks like in action. Here’s one:

This seems like a dauntingly tedious project to execute, but I have to admit that it is strangely satisfying to watch the time change. The people on the ground driving and directing the cars for this film were all very smooth and composed.


I can’t quite tell what make and model the cars are. There are at least three different ones in the mix here, though they are all the same color obviously. What can you identify?

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