This Modded 2018 Nissan Maxima Is Perfect for the Mid-Level Petty Villain

All image credits: Autotrader

Maybe it’s the black and red color scheme. Maybe it’s the up-swinging doors. Maybe it’s that I like to imagine fog spewing from it when it’s parked, but I have no trouble picturing this modified 2018 Nissan Maxima as some mid-level villain’s car.

I’m not talking intergalactic sociopath-level villain, like Thanos. Thanos has no use for a Nissan Maxima. But for a villain that terrorizes some suburb by night because they have work as a middle school vice principal during the day? Heck yeah.


This would be the perfect accessory. Something great to show up with a bang in, the doors lifting for a dramatic entrance and with enough practicality for suburban pretty crimes, like stealing mailboxes and robbing cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets from the teens sneaking cigarettes downtown. Stuff like that.

And it’s for sale. This Autotrader listing has it for $54,994. Expensive for a Maxima, I know, but it only has 231 miles on the clock, has cool doors, custom paint and a lip spoiler. A lip spoiler! How do you not look awesome with a lip spoiler, scraping over speed bumps and gingerly pulling into the Costco parking lot?

Of course, if you buy this Maxima, it’s only fitting that also acquire an equally theatrical villain suit while you’re at it. Red and black is a must. Spandex. Think Red Mist from Kick-Ass.


(h/t to Tyler!)

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