This Mint 400-Mile Chevrolet Metro Just Hit Bring A Trailer

Paving the way for the incoming Litwood nostalgia craze

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And it was perfect! Perfect in every way!
And it was perfect! Perfect in every way!
Photo: Bring A Trailer, Illustration: Steve DaSilva

There are some cars that people will always save. Limited-production Porsches, first-model-year luxury cars — things that are collectible. The Chevrolet Metro is not, and never was, one of those cars. And yet: Here we have one, listed on Bring A Trailer with only 400 miles to its odometer.

The Chevy Metro was a car of many badges. It could be had as the Chevy or Geo Metro, the Pontiac Firefly, or the Suzuki Swift. All were cheap, simple, and built for fuel economy. The Metro earned its Chevrolet badge in 1998, at the tail end of the Rad Era, but this particular example doesn’t qualify for entry to your local ‘90s nostalgia fest.


No, this Metro’s Y2K model year puts it squarely in Litwood territory. And, when that show rolls around, this will be the star attraction. With only 400 miles, the little Chevy is in near-immaculate shape. The interior is pristine, the undercarriage is spotless; the only problem the car carries is the loss of its rear cargo tray. Commenters claim they sell for a pretty penny on Ebay, so bid accordingly.

You can feel free to bid a bit high, too, knowing you’ll save the difference in gas. The EPA rated the 2000 Chevrolet Metro at 39 mpg city and 46 highway, and users on Fuelly show average combined MPGs well into the 40s. That fuel economy comes at the cost of performance, with the Metro’s one-liter three-cylinder engine pushing out a mere 55 horsepower.

With seven days left on the auction, this Metro has already been bid up to $6,500. It includes a window sticker showing a total cost of $11,140 after destination, or $17,745.72 after inflation. Bring a Trailer auctions generally spike in activity when a car is first posted and just before the auction’s end. Only time will tell how close to that MSRP this car eventually comes, but leave a guess in the comments. Knowing these auctions, I imagine I’ll be taking the over.