Evo's Mini Cooper Salute To Best Motoring Is So, So Good

Illustration for article titled Evo's Mini Cooper Salute To Best Motoring Is So, So Good

If you're not familiar with Best Motoring, your life is probably shit and I'm sorry for you. For nearly 25 years, the Japanese video magazine gave us track day shootouts of some of the best and most ridiculous cars on the road, a kind of real-life Gran Turismo.


What if you went and made your own video battles in the style of Best Motoring? That's what the folks at Evo just did in this delightful video. (How come I never thought to do that? I really wish I had.)

It's a fight between four very hardcore Coopers: a Mini Challenge S275, a 2013 Mini John Cooper Works GP, a Mini Challenge JCW, and a 2006 Mini Cooper S Works GP.

It's all perfect, from the specs on the cars up to the oddball interviews with the drivers to the changing perspectives during the race. Which Mini wins the fight? I won't spoil that for you, but I'd love to see more salutes to Best Motoring from Evo.



Needs high pictched metal slicing/sword cutaway sounds and cheesy music.