This Chevy Might Be The Boss Of All 'Bro Trucks'

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We've pretty much pegged "bro trucks" as pickups with a lotta bling and a lotta lift, generally designated for peacocking rather than trail running. Not that there's anything wrong with that. If you love that look or hate it, you've got to admit this Silverado pretty much wins it.

Spotted in the tailgating field of last night's Toby Keith concert, this late-model Chevy had it all; the grabby tires on chrome rims, smokestacks big enough to shame a factory, and shiny bits anywhere they could cling to. Is that a red solo cup hanging on the windshield wiper?


But that airbrush job... hello man. I only wish a photograph could capture its extreme and hilarious glory. Flames covered the hood, and an intricate mechanized dragon swam its way across the side, breathing and farting fire all at once.

This type of outfitting isn't usually my thing, but that mecha-dragon was so over the top I feel like even the haters would have to smile at it. Like Rob Zombie's music or something.

Image: Andrew P. Collins

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