This Might Be The Craziest Lap Of The Nürburgring You'll Ever See

Sure, the Porsche 918 Spyder's record 6:57 lap of the Nurburgring is impressive. But even more impressive is this Citroen AX Diesel making a lap in 9:55. This is a man on a mission.


In a lap that features essentially no braking, we learn that the Citroen AX doesn't sound that great, understeers at the limit, and is monumentally slow. But we also meet a drive who has balls made of the heartiest steel known to man.

Watch as he uses all the track. Marvel at how he never brakes, even when you're sure he needs to. Look as he hustles a car that isn't made for hustling around the world's most treacherous race track.

Sure, his hand placement is suspect and running a lap like this without a helmet seems a bit obtuse, but let's give credit where credit is due. This man is our new hero. Shine on you crazy diamond.

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