This Mercedes-AMG GT3 Is A Pyromaniac's Dream Car

Photo credit: Mercedes-AMG/Saal Good PR
Photo credit: Mercedes-AMG/Saal Good PR

Fire! I’m a huge fan. Some of my favorite holidays are the ones where I can blow stuff up with fireworks. I adore cars that shoot flames out the exhaust. And I think I have a new favorite race car.


Behold the SunEnergy1 Mercedes-AMG GT3, which will run in the IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship next year. Its livery is fire. Not much else. Just one continuous campfire emanating from the grille of the car. The flames finish in blue, not unlike the times where I’ve said forget the smores and started to burn the Hershey’s wrappers for fun.

Pyromaniacs, this is our team. It speaks to me. It will also probably shoot nice fireballs out the exhaust, as rich-running race cars tend to do. Because it’s a GT car in multi-class endurance racing, the headlamps are also yellow—like fire.


Let us all enjoy this car from our comforting trackside campfires next year, where we alternate our attention between the action on track and the non-important things around our campsites that probably look really cool when they melt.

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Does that mean that Stevenson Motorsports was the team of pyromaniacs this year? I only ask since Kenny Habul (CEO of SunEnergy1, LLC) drove for the team in Daytona back in January. Picture courtesy of myself.