This Mazda Miata Wallpaper Will Make Your Monday Just A Little Better

Mondays. Ugh. AMIRIGHT? Well, I know what makes me happy, and it starts with an "M" and ends with "iata." Miata!

This is the latest Miata, the Club Edition. What does that mean? Well, it has a small stripe on the side and a cloverleaf badge. And that's about it.


It's also motoring perfection. Direct steering. Balanced handling. Beautiful gearbox. It has everything you need and nothing you don't. Basically it's a zen experience on wheels.

This photo (full size version here) comes to us courtesy of friend of Jalopnik (and my own personal Twitter frenemy) Kevin McCauley. Check out Kevin's other awesome photo work here.

Photo Credit: Kevin McCauley

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