​This Massive Concrete Loop Is Part House, Part Car Gallery

The architects at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) have made something special for an unnamed bajillionaire in Denmark with a penchant for design and a car collection to match.

It's called Villa Gug and it's being built in the cuts of Ålborg, Denmark where the 8,000 sq-ft loop will live in the middle of a pristine meadow flanked by horses and happy children at all times.


The design was built around the idea that, according to BIG, "instead of hiding vehicles away in a basement, or a large garage, we suggest a house that smoothly turns from car to home."

To that end, Gizmag explains that the design starts with the driveway, where the cars roll into the showroom/garage. From there, each room is tiered, with the building rising up higher as you walk through the circular hallway that lines the outer ring of the house. That finally ends with a flat rooftop terrace that's accessed through the spiral staircase that drops into the library.


The architects wanted to maintain the owner's privacy, so there are no windows on the outer edge of the loop. But the inside is lined in glass and extends to the terrace, providing natural light throughout the day.


BIG isn't saying when it will be completed, the cost of the build, or who the owner is, but judging by the rendered cars in the garage, he or she has taste.


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