This Man's Alfa Romeo Collection Will Make You Insanely Jealous

I have to say that Petrolicious is fast becoming one of my favorite non-Jalopnik car sites. We have very similar tastes in cars, and they've been putting out some awesome videos as of late. Their newest one centers on Alfa Romeo collector Manuel Leon Minassian, whose assortment of Alfas is truly lust-inspiring.


This video centers on one of Minassian's personal favorites, his 1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina. Starting about one minute into the video, the sound of that Alfa's engine may cause you to drool on your keyboard and have uncontrollable spasms. Dear God, THAT SOUND.

Why does he like the Berlina so much? Besides the obvious reasons, "It's nimble, it's fast, it's loud, it does not have too many options, and it definitely gives me a lot of joy," Minassian says. That's exactly what a great car is supposed to do.

Hat tip to Klaus Schmoll over in Oppo-land!



"I tend to collect cars that don't necessarily have a very large value..."

Yet he doesn't appear to have any Milanos...sigh...sometimes when I tell people I own an Alfa Romeo, they say "My dad had one of those! It was so fun!"

Then they see my Milano. Their nostalgia is dashed.

Nobody loves the Milano.*

*except Jalops.