Dubai has a Lamborghini Aventador cop car. The cops are getting a Ferrari this week. But it probably isn't the LaFerrari, like this one that's testing in Dubai right now.

Even though it has already been revealed, Ferrari is continuing to test the LaFerrari (do I call it the LaFerrari? The TheFerrari? I'm not sure) in tough weather and in disguise (maybe the disguise keeps it cooler?).

Dubai is one of the hottest and most arid places on the planet.


It'll also surely be home to quite a few LaFerraris, so it makes sense that Ferrari would test the car thoroughly there. This one in Dubai is wearing temporary plates that are assigned to visitors or not registered cars, so it definitely looks like it belongs to Ferrari.

We'll see them without disguises in Dubai very soon, I'm sure.

(Hat Tip and Photo Credits to Mason!)