An old-school boxy Suzuki Jimny kei-car is a cool thing all on its own, but if you slap some Jeep Grand Wagoneer-esque vinyl wood trim on the sheetmetal and bolt on a bit of chrome, well, that brings it to the next level. That’s why this one for sale right now, with a top bid currently at only $900, has me deeply intrigued.

Of course, it being sold on the Craigslist For Aristocrats, Bring a Trailer, I anticipate that figure going up dramatically, but that’s fair enough, because if I had deeper pockets, an imported JA11 Suzuki kei car would be pretty high on my list of vehicles to purchase.

This body-on-frame 1991 Jimny has a tiny turbocharged 657cc inline-three making literally some horsepower, a five-speed manual, a low range transfer case, and two leaf-sprung solid axles. It’s a simple, yet capable setup, and this one’s mechanical and structural bits appear to be in nice shape. Well, on the outside. The listing doesn’t talk much about how well the little SUV drives:

But you’re not here to see the underbody, you came to see some fake wood, and oh my is there lots of fake wood to be seen:


It covers most of the front fenders, much of the lower part of the doors, a significant portion of the rear quarter panels, and it makes large rectangle on the lower half of the back door. And it all looks quite like the Jeep Grand Wagoneer’s cherry oak vinyl woodgrain, with the lighter outer molding also reminiscent of the legendary Waggy. I dig it, even if some of the trim doesn’t quite line up so great.

Some may find it tacky, but I think that between the wood, the custom blue paint job, the silver wheels and window surrounds, and the chrome bumpers and mirrors, this custom Jimny-o-neer is just a seriously cool little off-road machine.