This Is Why Your Motorcycle Holds Up To A Massive Jump

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Motorcycle drop tests are one of those things that everyone does, but no one really talks about. Alta Motors wants to shed some light on the process, even if it's just a video of them dropping their new electric bike a couple stories from a makeshift rig.


When I visited Alta (formerly BRD) last year, one of the many things they were proud of was their hand-built drop test system. It's designed to make sure that all the important bits stand up to a jump or crash, and in the case of its Redshift electric dirt bike and supermoto, they're leaving nothing to chance.


The process is pretty simple: load the bike up with weight to simulate the rider, lift it a couple dozen feet into the air, and let 'er rip. After that, they inspect everything – from the welds to the drivetrain – to ensure it's ready for primetime. And primetime is supposed to finally happen this year.

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