Everybody knows, I mean really knows, not to give your precious baby over to a valet.

Not to knock valets — it's sometimes one of the best jobs for a car nut to get to sit, ever so briefly, behind the wheel of a wide smattering of automobiles.


And sometimes you don't want to be that guy, the one who circles a wedding venue for 20 minutes, thus missing the ceremony, and now your wife hates you because you caused such an awkward situation, and the car ride home is going to be even more awkward, and why did we ever go to this wedding anyways? We don't even know these people!

I mean, um, yeah. Valets. Right.

The unfortunate valet pictured here created an even more unfortunate situation for his boss and the owner of this pickup when it appears he either left it in gear or forgot to engage the handbrake, leaving the car to roll down the ramp of the parking garage and smack into the far-side wall.

We can all be a bit less-than-diligent sometimes, but when you're dealing with at least a couple of thousand bucks at all times, you really need to be on your game.

And that is why you should never trust your car to a valet.

Also, I am really digging this music.

H/T to Carscoops!

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