You know how you were going to spend your Saturday taking a boxcutter to an old tire and film the whole thing, just to see what would happen? It turns out you won't have to, as somebody did it already. Here's a hint as to what happens: it explodes in your goddamn face.

This video is for all the people out there who look at recommended tire pressures on the sidewall and think, "there's no way someone would actually put that much air in this, right? Surely the only way to find out is to slice that bad boy up."

PROTIP: Don't go around slicing open fully-inflated tires. It'll explode in your goddamn face. If you want to go around slicing up tires without any air in them at all, whatever, that's your prerogative, I just don't know why you would do it. You could find more productive uses of your time. You haven't seen your friend Billy in a while, maybe you should call him instead of slicing up old, random tires. Billy misses you. Call Billy. Don't slice up tires.