This Is Why You Don't Take Your SUV Surfing

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Shiny new Chevy Tahoe, fresh oversand permit carefully affixed to the bumper, surfboard (paddle board?) perched on the roof. Life was lookin’ good when this person’s day started! Then they had to go and drive just a little too close to the ocean. Okay, way too close. Hilarity ensues.

Everyone knows I love telling people to air down their tires in the sand, but there’s only so far that will take you when you insist on driving straight into the surf.


Beach-goer Tyran Sullivan watched the Montauk Surf Patrol drag this poor thing out of the sand by its face (couldn’t find the tow hook, huh?) and naturally uploaded it to the East Hampton Idiot Spotter Facebook group. That’s a page you should really take a look at if you need some cheering up.

Here’s the Tahoe, bogged as you can get and... are those the rims poking out in different directions? At least they’ve got the board as an escape pod.


A few more great/terrible images right here. Too bad it couldn’t get itself out, these could almost be GM press shots!


This is obviously a new-gen truck, but between the catastrophic damage to the front end and nasty salt bath I wonder if it’ll end up as a writeoff.


Hat tip to Checkered Flag for showing me this! Images via East Hampton Idiot Spotters.

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