This is why you don't drive through standing water

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While walking along South Street on lower Manhattan's east side to inspect damage from Hurricane Irene, I found huge pools of water at a few of the intersections. It wasn't water inundation from New York's East River so much as it was runoff from the overpass, flowing down into already-overburdened storm sewers.


Standing water on streets — and god forbid, flowing water — is tricky because you never know just how deep the pool of water goes. That's why you try to avoid standing water at all costs.

Or else you end up like this Mercedes — which apparently floundered in one such pool a few minutes after I'd walked by.

But, you can learn a lot from this dummy.

Photo Credit: kiddigit

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Rusty Van Horn

What's the deal with opening your trunk when you flood the car?

Did you have to get the jack out?

I know, I just drove my car into a lake. Instead of trying to get out, I'm going to pop the trunk and check on my lap top. Because I'm sure that will be just fine.

And umbrellas?!?! Inside Out, Outside In? Who designed these things? Why can't people just let their heads get wet....