This Is Why You Don't Do Burnouts So Close To People

Almost every time you see a proper burnout video, if you look in the background, something is missing. That something is people. Because burnouts, believe it or not, Mr. Senna, often go wrong. Just like it did here, with this ham-fisted lunk in a BMW M5.

The driver was thankfully not such a ham-fisted lunk as to actually keep going, when he realized he'd lost control over his car, and he hit the brakes. It doesn't look like anybody was hit, or hurt at all, except the driver's pride.


But I do really like how he slinks off, like he meant to do that. Yeah, totally meant to do that.

(Sidenote: The BMW driver clearly also has taste in exhaust systems. It sounds, how you say, "nice.")

H/t to Carscoops!

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