This Is What We Call 'Overcorrecting'

Oh, yikes. There are definitely better places to be in life than on the roof of a house in a wrecked car, and there are definitely better ways to spend the day than having to sit there, dwelling on your embarrassment in front of traffic passing by on the road you just swerved off of.

According to BBC News, this wreck happened in the Chinese town of Taizhou recently. BBC News reports that the driver said he tried to avoid a collision with a car coming in his direction, and the driver said in the CCTV interview below that he was going about 44 mph when it all happened.


The problem was, the driver said he accidentally hit the gas hard and changed directions in response to the other car. It didn’t take long for things to get really ugly. Here, just watch for yourself:

Right in front of the road he just swerved off of, the driver had to climb down from the wreckage on a ladder—smartphone in hand and all—while the car had to be removed by crane. But luckily for the driver, this crash ended a lot better than it could have.

Always remember to stay in your designated lane, and to avoid buying houses with rooflines that are the same heights as the nearby roadways.

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