This Is What Too Much Power Looks Like In A Corvette

1,730 horsepower at low-mid boost with a two-stage N2O setup sending everything to the rear wheels. Yes, that might be too much for a Corvette to handle.

In drag racing, it all comes down to hooking up those tires, doesn’t it? No matter how much power you have - and this Corvette packs much more than 1,730 horses - if all you can do is slide all over the place, your time will suck even if you manage to avoid crashing out at 100+ mph.


That’s probably why all-wheel drive Lamborghinis can do 238.6mph in just half a mile while other cars seem to generate too much smoke for their own good. In this case, the team might have to work a bit on that suspension to make those 88mm turbos count and break the 200+mph barrier.

But as far as theatre goes, this Corvette is already a winner.

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