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This Is What It's Like To Ride In The Pre-Production Porsche 918 Spyder

There's no denying the Porsche 918 Spyder is a devastating piece of motoring machinery. In pre-production form, it can hit 93 mph in all-electric mode, then, race mode engaged, scream off in a 580 hp V8 huff. But what's it like to ride in?


Yes, just ride. The company recently offered a few journos a turn in the other seat of a prototype 918 Spyder. It all happened on roads around the Nürburgring, where, Porsche says, the 918 Spyder set a 7:14 standing lap time (most are flying laps).

Normally, ride-alongs are no fun, unless they're in a Group B rally car with Walter Röhrl behind the wheel. But with the 918 — which won't be out in production guise until next year — any seat time is good seat time.

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For Sweden

I'd rather ride with Michèle Mouton (pictured)