This Is What It's Like To Drive An F1 Car From 1981

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Screenshot: Petrolicious/YouTube

In this video from the Petrolicious Made To Drive series, John Campion explains what it’s like to drive and own a March 881 Formula 1 car from 1981. The March is decked out in Guinness livery and was driven by Irishman Derek Daly back in the car’s heyday. It’s a rolling salute to Ireland.

Campion explains that the car is equipped with exactly zero safety features and will probably kill you fairly quickly. Its 3-liter Cosworth motor demands respect as it’s still stupid fast and sticks to the track like it was painted on.


For the owner, the car is a piece of his country’s motorsports history and his personal history as well. He maintains that the car reflects a different time in F1 where the budgets were lower and more people could compete. As a kid, he was thrilled to see a fellow Irishman screaming down the track.

Lance Tedford spends his energies working on his 1985 Chrysler LeBaron. He is extremely tall and can never die.

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Bum's Big Stick

Bring back the V12! or V10! Or even the V8! (one of which this car has). Just please, please no more turbo V6!! Yes, I know they would be a little slower than the cars of today, but that’s not really the entire point of F1, is it? Maybe for some, it is. Others, however, enjoy the experience as much as the lap times.