Screenshot: Petrolicious/YouTube

In this video from the Petrolicious Made To Drive series, John Campion explains what it’s like to drive and own a March 881 Formula 1 car from 1981. The March is decked out in Guinness livery and was driven by Irishman Derek Daly back in the car’s heyday. It’s a rolling salute to Ireland.

Campion explains that the car is equipped with exactly zero safety features and will probably kill you fairly quickly. Its 3-liter Cosworth motor demands respect as it’s still stupid fast and sticks to the track like it was painted on.

For the owner, the car is a piece of his country’s motorsports history and his personal history as well. He maintains that the car reflects a different time in F1 where the budgets were lower and more people could compete. As a kid, he was thrilled to see a fellow Irishman screaming down the track.