Paul Menard tapped David Ragan’s car from behind during last night’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Bojangles’ Southern 500, sending Ragan’s car into the wall and leaving him with one fiery car-b-que afterwards. Ouch.


Here’s how it happened:

While there’s never a good time to have a car fire, I have to admit that this is exactly how I feel after eating a ton of southern food. If you’re going to blaze a path of fire and destruction, at least do it at the Southern 500, where we can go “ha ha, that’s how I felt after the last crawfish boil” and “ooh, yeah, Jim’s ribs do that to me every time.”

Thanks, guys, for thinking of the fart jokes. That was very considerate of y’all.

What splendid delicacy makes you feel like this afterwards? Post away in the comments below.


Photo credit: Getty Images

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