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To ring in the New Year, SnoCross racer Levi LaValle jumped 412 feet over San Diego harbor. No, snowmobiles jumping some place that never actually sees snow doesn't make any sense. Here's onboard footage.


The stunt was part of Red Bull's annual celebration of all things flat billed and badass, brah. Levi was accompanied by a much more sensical, tandem jump performed on a dirt bike by Robbie Maddison.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Levi wound up in hospital practicing for a previous record jump, collapsing his lungs, breaking bones and generally snarfing himself when he failed to achieve the necessary distance to clear the landing ramp.

Why'd he get back on? A jump like this year's nets athletes a figured reported to be in excess of $2 million each.


Just think how many cans of Red Bull that'd buy as you hide your face behind your fingers watching this.

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