This Is What Falling Into A Sinkhole Does To A Corvette

Above is a picture of the 1984 PPG Pace Car that was rescued a few days ago. While it doesn't seem like the damage will just buff out, this version of America's sports car will someday drive again.


Or go back to a museum where it will just sit, but I digress.

This looks to be the worst of the five rescued Corvettes so far, though, according to an article by Kentucky ABC affliate WKBO, only one wheel and the back fender of car #6 are visible, and cars #7 & 8 are yet to be seen. So unfortunately, the worst is yet to come, though I'm positive these cars will be brought back to life with the restoration efforts to be undertaken by GM.

Here are some more pictures of the rescued cars.


Photo Credit: National Corvette Museum

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