You all know what we think of the 2015 Ford Mustang. But the rest of the world saw it for real yesterday, thanks to the dozen or so reveals Ford had for the now-global car. It was kind of a big deal.

There's a lot of design commentary, because all of you seem to think it looks like every red car ever made. It's a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your viewpoint. That EcoBoost four is a sticking point, too.

So if you're tired of reading what we think about the Mustang, take a look at what other writers thought of the new car.

J.P. Vettraino, Autoweek

When Mustang was almost exclusively a North American property, Ford never worried about incorporating themes from the rest of its line beyond badges and odds and ends. If synthesized design is the biggest cost of a global 'Stang, it might not be a bad deal.


Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press

Not only is it just what millions of Mustang fans have waited for, it will introduce an icon of American automaking to a new audience around the world.

John Krewson, Road & Track

There's a good deal of the previous car in this one. While few design cues carry over, the proportions are an obvious callback to the Mustang's heyday.


Steve Cropley, Autocar

The coupé looked the better, stretched out and sleek. I could feel my concerns about its flanks and DLO receding as it revolved. This was a truly handsome car.

Robert Cumberford, Automobile Magazine

Carefully sculpted, it's much better looking in reality than in photos. We think you'll really like it when you see it on the street, whatever your prior favorite variant. Unmistakably Mustang, this new model is clean, and it's almost infinitely superior mechanically — a proud, worthy swan song for Ford design chief J Mays.


And what some random people thought:



Photo: Ford