This Is What Can Happen When A Trailer Steers A Truck

Somewhere in China, a man on a scooter’s quick thinking saved his bacon as tons and tons of truck came barreling down on him, after what looks like a catastrophic brake failure.

I’ve never ridden a Chinese step-through scooter, but if I had to guess I’d say running was probably the better escape-option than reaming the throttle. Luckily the rider felt the same way.


As for the runaway truck, it seems as though the trailer’s brakes might not have been working enough or at all when the person behind the wheel mashed the stop pedal and sent the cab careening out of control.

Check it out at about 0:18 in – the truck pulls hard to its left but the trailer hardly gets unsettled at all as it overrides the front wheels completely.


Scary stuff. Don’t forget to keep your head on a swivel on the road, even when you’re sitting at a stop light.

Hat tip to Creative Accidents, RT!

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And due to his scooter being damaged, he didn’t make it to work.

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Thanks Chinese truck with bad brakes.