This is what a mile-wide tornado looks like in HD

The massive tornado that ripped through downtown Tuscaloosa, Alabama last night was captured in HD by a local news station's webcam. The devastation is obvious as the massive storm rips through the heart of the city, killing at least 36 and injuring hundreds.

You can see the video here and understand why Tuscaloosa has been described by residents as looking like "a bomb going off." No EF rating's yet been given to the storm, but the damage is incredible. The University of Alabama was spared, but much of the surrounding area wasn't.

Over 200 people have been reported killed in six states this month as another night of dangerous storms cross much of the south from Texas through Virginia. The death toll is highest in Alabama with at least 130 individuals killed.


What does this have to do with cars? Although there's a hell of a lot of infrastructure that's been ripped to shreds, human life is more important than cars — and that's why it's on here today.

Update: we've added video of the same storm from a different vantage point, thanks to DasWauto for sharing.

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