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This Is What A Cab Ride From La Guardia To Midtown Was Like In the Late 1940s

Illustration for article titled This Is What A Cab Ride From La Guardia To Midtown Was Like In the Late 1940s
Screenshot: Youtube

Your PanAm Clipper hit some rough weather off Kennebunkport and came into the Marine Air Terminal late. You’ve got a pressing meeting with the New York office, but time is tight. You can’t wait for the bus. You need to spring for a taxi.


The late ‘40s DeSoto that stars in this technicolor video documenting a cab ride into Manhattan is quite different from the Nissan NV200 (though it does appear to have a similar moonroof over the rear seats!) that makes up a large part of the New York cab fleet, not to mention the thousands of other cars driven by ride-hail drivers across the boroughs, but with those suicide doors and what is certainly unparalleled rear legroom, I think it more than fits the bill.

I really like any opportunity to see the past in color, especially when cars are involved. My talent for recognizing cars of this era isn’t as great as it could be, so I’d appreciate any help identifying the interesting cars going by in this clip.

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.

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Aaron James

Can you imagine the absolute anarchy that would play out today on roads with no lane markings...