Slight correction there, actually. This key, done in a diamond-encrusted style that serves as an homage to the flag of Saudi Arabia (of course), costs at least $46,000. That's where pricing starts, and it only goes up from there.

Sent to us by the lovely Andy White over at Simply Abu Dhabi and made by German company Selected Jewels, and so far only made for keys belonging to your relatively pedestrian Mercedes-Benz, it starts by replacing the standard plastic with a solid gold inset. Or platinum, if you're being truly obscene. Then, just for good measure, 300 diamonds adding up to 3.14 carats are added.

Don't like the Saudi theme? And of course, why would you, when you could have an Emirati one?

Or one celebrating Qatar?


Or better yet, maybe you just love falconry. So much so that you need a matching key to go with your donation to the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, a medical center with individual air conditioned rooms for up to 200 birds. Yes, air conditioned hospital rooms for birds (note, watch this video and cry over the state of healthcare for people):

Selected Jewels will do anything you want when it comes to your key, really. Do you think they'll make one for a Mercedes Sprinter van? Consider this question, and lament the extremes of humanity.